Our Funny Forefathers

At 30 Watt, we ideate, design, and manufacture unconventional products and gifts that empower people to be clever. We tell stories and solve unique problems through form, high design and function. How’d we get started, you ask?
Our CEO, Ryan Walther, began his career as an early partner at the Onion during his college days in Wisconsin. He aided their rise to a household name, sowing his comical oats there for more than 20 years. During that time, Ryan met Arik Nordby—the creative mastermind behind the Onion’s most popular product at the time: a prank gift box now affectionately known as the Prank Pack, and sold by Prank-O. (Now a child company of 30 Watt, Prank-O was featured on Shark Tank in December 2018 when Ryan and Arik pitched Prank-O to the Sharks.)


We make lots of cool stuff.

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